Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups

Do you think email marketing is a priority for startups? Of course, yes, it is a priority as we know that email marketing is important. It means selecting the email marketing tools to use is also important. Choosing your startup’s best email marketing tools will impact your business to great extents and lead you towards success.

Today, we will be discussing 7 best email marketing tools for startups. Also, we will compare these tools to make you get a better understanding of all these.

Why is it Important to Choose the Best Email Marketing?

Among all the marketing strategies for any startup, email marketing is usually very cost-effective. A study by Digital Marketing Association researched and found about 4300 percent ROI (Return On Investment) for small US businesses. Email marketing works well for business because it is:

  • Easy to manage
  • Gives you complete control
  • Lets you develop direct contact with customers

Getting success with email marketing is real, and most of its credit is of the email marketing tools you use. These tools let you know whether the emails got delivered or not.

What to see in an Email Marketing Tool?

There are some basic tasks which you will need to do using any email marketing software tool. So, make sure the tool has all the features you need before buying it. These major tasks are:

  • With an email marketing tool, you should create email newsletters that can provide higher engagement.
  • There should be a marketing automation feature in that tool. It means the tool should allow you to send emails in bulk targeted individually and personalized.
  • It is one of the most important tasks of an email marketing tool. The tools should ensure that the emails sent by your side do not go in spam.
  • The marketing tool should make your data easy to manage. It should manage the contacts of you. Also, tracking the email marketing campaign performance is one such task.

These were some tasks in which your email marketing tool should be perfect in. Now, it is time to know some popularized email marketing tools.

Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups

#1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact Email Marketing

  • It comes under the fastest growing email marketing tools around the world. Also, it is the largest one.
  • Even beginners can use this service easily.
  • This campaign helps nonprofits, small businesses, and individual startups with all the necessary tools which one might need to showcase their ideas, attract customers, or build an online professional brand.
  • It helps manage your contacts, track your success rate, provide social media sharing options, Facebook ads integration, and much more.
  • The email plus accounts of Constant Contact give additional features such as drip campaigns, email automation, coupons, online donations, polls, surveys, etc.
  • Constant Contact’s customer support is incredible and provides phone calls, live calls, community support, and many other helpful resources.
  • Also, they offer live seminars along with online training and help in the United States. It makes small startups learn the fundamentals of email marketing and help with their first move towards success.
  • These were some reasons which make Constant Contact best for every type of startup.
  • They offer a free trial for 60 months. And after this period, their charges start with plans as low as $20 per month.

#2. SendinBlue

Sendinblue Email Marketing

  • SendinBlue is an email marketing tool developed by keeping the significant challenges faced by small to medium and new businesses in mind.
  • It is a complete campaign for SMS and email marketing.
  • It provides extreme ease of usage and has excellently developed tools to create highly engaging emails and newsletters.
  • People with zero experience in email marketing can also easily use this tool to drag and drop editor.
  • It also has many beginner-friendly tools.
  • These tools may help segment users, create workflows for generating automatic follow-up emails and sending transactional emails.
  • The Artificial Intelligence algorithms in this email marketing tool ensure the emails to be delivered at the most engaging time.
  • They have free plans by using which you can send up to 300 emails to your audience.
  • All these emails will include their branding as well. And, their paid plans start from as low as $25 per month for lite.
  • The SMS services are also available along with the email marketing services.
  • Their premium has highly advanced features such as live chat, landing page builder, Facebook ads integration, and sales CRM.
  • These features are there with the latest update. It makes the users get the most value at the same previous rate.
  • It also has a feature of SMTP bulk email marketing.
  • Using this feature, you can send transactional or automated emails directly from your brand’s WordPress website.
  • If you have a significant large website, then it is a nice feature for you.

#3. Drip

Drip Email Marketing

  • It is a unique email marketing tool for certain small businesses, bloggers, eCommerce, and marketers.
  • Every email marketing tool has automation features, but nobody is even near to Drip’s automation features.
  • They have several tools that make sales funnel, email automation, and personalization much easier.
  • This email marketing tool also provides seamless integration for some popular website building software such as WooCommerce and WordPress.
  • It will help you to add opt-in signup forms or pop-ups on your website. It may get you more leads.
  • Some features are there in the Drip email marketing tool, which sets this software apart from the competition.
  • There are many features like smart email segmenting, intelligent automation tools, list groups, split testing features, visual workflow builder, etc.
  • These fantastic features will help you get more and more sales.
  • You can rely on webinars, live chats, detailed courses, free user guides, automation training, and support documentation.
  • The feature of eCommerce revenue attribution shows all the details of revenue generated after every email marketing campaign.
  • Even after being slightly expensive than the previously discussed tools, it is the best tool for business owners and eCommerce websites.
  • It is because of its various advanced features that may provide unexpected results.
  • They also have a free trial for everyone, and the plans on Drip start with $49, which has all their features.

#4. ConvertKit

Convertkit Email Marketing

  • This email marketing tool is best suited for marketers, authors, and professional bloggers.
  • This tool has some great powerful features which are also easy to use.
  • It allows us to offer incentives and content upgrades by using email signup forms.
  • It also has the feature of auto-responding, with which you can always send drip emails.
  • With this tool, you can segment your subscribers into two groups, that is, one having an interest in your products and the other category having people who already have purchased from you.
  • It helps in the easy targeting of your subscribers.
  • They have all essential features which should be there in an excellent email marketing tool.
  • Some of These excellent features are landing page builders, catchy email templates, smart workflows, a/b testing, and much more.
  • One more feature, named paid newsletters, is especially very useful for professional writers and bloggers.
  • It is the reason why this email marketing tool is the best choice for professional bloggers.
  • They offer a free trial of just 14 days. And the plans of ConverKit starts from $29 per month. In case if you do not like their services, they offer a 30 days return policy also.
  • The Creator Pro Plan of ConvertKit has advanced features like subscriber scoring, newsletter referral system, Facebook Custom Audiences, and advanced reporting.

#5. AWeber

AWeber Email Marketing

  • It is a top-rated email marketing software and also the oldest one in the world.
  • They have a number of essential tools for medium as well as small-sized businesses. Using AWeber is extremely easy.
  • Also, it provides an allowance to connect to popular platforms like WordPress.
  • With this email marketing tool, you also get list management, html email templates, a/b testing, autoresponders, and email tracking, which gives detailed insights.
  • You get support systems like live chats, email support, phone support, webinars, and many how-to-do tutorials.
  • It has free plans for less than 500 subscribers. Above 500 subscribers, they have plans starting from $19 per month.

#6. GetResponse

GetResponse Email Marketing

  • It is also a very popular email marketing service.
  • Being extremely easy to use and simple, it works best for small businesses.
  • To create some brilliant automated campaigns, this tool has fantastic marketing automation tools.
  • It has drag and drop builders that help you create campaigns, send unlimited emails, and segment contacts into categories.
  • These amazing tools make you able to create many effective campaigns to boost your earnings out of these campaigns.
  • GetResponse comes with features like landing pages, a/b testing, auto-responders, unsubscribe tracking, and catchy responsive forms.
  • This email marketing tool can also work with some other lead generating software like OptinMonster, Google Docs, SalesForce, ZenDesh, and many more.
  • For support, they have a live chat, phone calls, and email.
  • Also, they have many tutorials, webinars, and how-to’s, etc. they provide a 30-day trial for free. And their monthly plans start from $15.

#7. Mailchimp

Mailchimp Email Marketing

  • They are one of the most popular tools for email marketing campaigns.
  • The reason for their popularity to this extent is their forever free service plan for email marketing.
  • It has features like drag and drop email builders, feature to segment contact list into groups, autoresponders, and also tracking for analytics in a simple way.
  • It allows you to set the delivery time for emails as per the subscriber’s time-zone. You can also segment your contacts based on their geolocation.
  • It gives its users the option to integrate with Magento, WordPress, Shopify, and many more. But Mailchimp has limited space for automated features for marketing.
  • Hence, despite the modifications in Mailchimp, it is still not as advanced as other email marketing tools we have discussed.
  • Their support system is also not up to the mark, as seen in other platforms. Though they have live chat, mails, or tutorials, these are slow.
  • Mailchimp also offers a free plan for a lifetime.
  • Using this tool, you can send about 12,000 emails to up to 2000 subscribers.
  • You cannot rely on this email marketing platform if you have a large business.
  • The reason is their limited performance with limited features. Also, they have very slow support.
  • The monthly plans of Mailchimp start from $10. $10 is for 500 subscribers, and the pricing increases with increasing subscribers.

To Sum Up

  • With several email marketing platforms and tools present out there, it becomes difficult to choose anyone confidently. So, to remove these doubts, we have concluded the preferences for each type of business. So, let us dive in.
  • New bloggers, people with small businesses, and nonprofit organizations should go with Constant Contact. They are perfect from the point of their support as well as pricing.
  • For eCommerce websites, you may find success with Drip as an email marketing tool. It suits well because of its powerful automation and personalization features.
  • For content creators and professional bloggers, ConvertKit works the best way because of its funnels and segmentation options. These features will help your blogging reach great heights.

For business owners, SendinBlue is the best because it has many features and tools in it which can make your email marketing so much easier.

So, go through all the comparisons and the points to find the best-suited email marketing platform for you. It may make your business get extremely successful.

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