Constant Contact Review

Customize your Email to Maximize Your Sale

  • Easy template creation using drag-and-drop
  • We love this system
  • Send out surveys and track real-time responses
  • Donation feature for secure payment processing

Pros & Cons

  • Free 2-month trial period to try out all of the features
  • Easy to learn interface with intuitive design and clear walkthroughs
  • Great template designs that can be edited using a drag and drop interface
  • An expensive email marketing tool for minimum features
  • The Email Plus account is required if you have more than one user
  • Newsletter editor has minimal features

Plans & Pricing

  • It offers two packages of different pricing; one is Email and other one is Email Plus.
  • In both the packages, you get access to unlimited emails, list-building tools, contact management, customizable templates, reporting & tracking, marketing calendar, image library, apps & integration, email scheduling, live support and mobile app.
  • The pricing for both the plans depends upon the number of email subscribers you have.
  • Payment can be made monthly or you can also prepay for your plan.
  • It offers 10% discount for people who prepay for the next 6 months and a 15% discount for those who prepay for the coming one year.
  • First month will always be free in both plans.
  • Non-profit organizations, if prepay, can get up to 30% discount on their bill.
Email Package
  • The pricing of this package ranges from $20 to $335 per month for 500 email subscribers to 50,000 email subscribers respectively.
  • This package also gives 1 GB file storage which just 1 user can use.
Email Plus Package
  • This plan has pricing ranging from $45 per month for 500 subscribers to $335 per month for 50,000 email subscribers.
  • Also, it offers some other features like 2 GB storage space which can be used by 10 users, online donations, event marketing, surveys and polls, email automation, subject like A/B testing, and coupons.
  • For people having over 50,000 subscribers, Constant Contact provide a customized quote.
  • You can also get a 60-days trial for free along with 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Constant contact also has professional approach for personalized designs and Google Analytics.
  • In comparison to other email marketing tools, Constant Contact provides all the necessary and additional features at vey affordable rates.
  • This is the reason of this email marketing tool being very trusted among small businesses.


Constant Contact makes email marketing easier for you. Whether you need to run email marketing campaigns, engage people, track the success of your mails, generate social media awareness, or upload any product’s pictures to your website; this tool can do all these things. The easy-to-use interface attracts people towards this software.

What Constant Contact can do?

  • Email Marketing: It is the major and foremost function of Constant Contact. Your business can directly land into your customer’s or admirer’s inbox. Several important features are available which may help you convert more and more people.
  • e-Commerce: Without taking much of your time, you can set up an online store for your business where you will be able to sell your services or physical or digital products.
  • Websites: you can also create a website having built-in tools for marketing. It will help your business grow and get found.
  • Social Media Marketing: Using this tool, you can also bring traffic to your website with ads on Facebook, Instagram or any social media platform. It will help you get leads to your site.

Features and Functionality

This tool is very popular among small businesses and is helping around 500,000 small business owners to grow online. Its easy-to-use interface and top features make everyone prefer this tool only. It has the following top features:

Drag and Drop Editing
  • Here are several ready-to-use templates in Constant Contact which allows you edit and create emails or newsletter efficiently.
  • There are also templates which are seasonal.
  • Businesses use seasonal templates to wish their subscribers and give them offers accordingly just like the way we receive emails on new year, thanksgiving etc.
  • This drag and drop feature allows you to easily edit and create the content, even if you do not have any significant learning background od such platform.
  • Before sending the mail, you also get a preview so that to ensure whether it will look catchy to your subscribers or not.
Personalized Autoresponder
  • This autoresponder feature allows you to create personalized emails which in turn helps in developing a strong and long-term connection with your customers and subscribers.
  • You can send personalized welcome emails, birthday emails, customer milestone emails and so on.
  • This feature is available in Email Plus package only.
  • There are video tutorials which will help you in setting up these automatic personalized emails.
Contact Management
  • It is a very basic feature which you get in every email marketing tool.
  • There should be minimum intervention in list management by the user.
  • You just have to upload your emails by using Gmail, Excel, etc and rest will be managed by Constant Contact.
  • This includes bounces, unsubscribes, inactive email users and so on.
Real-time Reports
  • It is also a common feature, but is very important to know.
  • This email marketing tool gives report for all your email campaigns by providing real-time data.
  • Constant contact provides these reports in easy-to-understand forms using numbers and graphs.
  • Graphs are a nice way to understand the process quickly without even diving into the numbers.
  • This feature is available only in Email Plus package.
  • Using this, you can survey your email contacts and get a prepared report according to their answers.
  • This is also a feature specific to Email Plus Package only.
  • For non-profit organization, online donations are the best way to spread awareness.
  • It will also aid in support given to subscribers.
  • Using this feature, you can add a button of "Donation" to every mail and add a landing page in response to this button.
  • It should redirect the subscribers to secure payment processing and you can also get reports of overall donations.
Templates in Constant Contact
  • There are many templates on this platform which you can edit and send to your contacts.
  • These catchy templates will help you get more engagement from each and every email and newsletter.
  • For making an increment in click-thru rates, this platform uses action blocks. There is also an option to add call-to-action in just one click to get higher engagement.
Easy-to-use interface
  • The user interface of this email marketing software is designed in such a way that a main menu is just at the top of your screen.
  • This main menu has contacts, campaigns, forms, library, reporting, and integrations.
  • All these options have side sub menus too.
  • There are very clear buttons which makes it easier for the user to do exactly what they wish to do.
  • You may also get clear instructions as you go through every step.
  • All the handling does not require any kind of prior experience or learning background.
  • Anyone who doesn’t even have any experience in email marketing can also go good with this platform.
Customer Support
  • A huge knowledge sector is also there on this platform which has FAQs, video tutorials, and an online community forum.
  • And, if you need some kind of help from the company, then there is a facility for phone calls or 24*7 text.
  • You can also have an advantage of an online webinar of 30 minutes.
  • It will help you in setting up your account and the email marketing experts will answer your questions also.
  • Through Community forum on Constant Contact, you can get feedbacks from more experienced email marketers. “Critique My Campaign” is a field on this platform where you can submit your prepared newsletter or email so that to get critique feedback.
  • These feedbacks will help you know whether your design will be liked by your users or not.


It works well for every kind of business, whether it is small or large. However, this platform is even more popular among small businesses because of its easy-to-use interface and affordable prices.

  • You do not have to be an email marketing expert to use this software.
  • There are also some features which need your understanding and concentration.
  • For this, they have given video tutorials and online assistance so that you can solve your issues as early as possible.
  • So, we can say Constant Contact is a quite intuitive and manageable email marketing tool for everybody.