Hubspot Review

Responsive email template builder

  • Email drip campaigns to nurture leads
  • Built on top of Hubspot CRM
  • A/B testing to improve email conversions
  • High-quality lead generation forms

Pros & Cons

  • Integrates with a wide range of tools
  • Built-in A/B testing
  • Ability to see how long and how deeply contacts read emails
  • Intuitive interface that lets you start working quickly
  • Consistently adding features and updating the application
  • Additional onboarding fee
  • HubSpot is more expensive than many of its competitors

Plans & Pricing

  • There are various options in HubSpot in case of pricing.
  • Along with this email marketing software, you also get other applications bundled in the marketing hub.
  • It offers four pricing plans, from which the free plan does not have email marketing.
  • Other every paid plan has all features but are limited as per the plan you buy.

The paid plans on HubSpot are:

#1. Starter Plan
  • The pricing for this plan starts from $50 per month.
  • It comes with limited functionality for native forms and also offers pop-up forms.
  • Personalization features are included in this plan, but you do not get RSS feeds or access to the design manager.
  • Email sending is limited to just 5 times the contact limit in your account.
  • For instance, if you have a contact limit of 1000, you can send 5000 emails every month.
#2. Professional
  • The professional plan on HubSpot starts at $800 per month.
  • It has all the features of a starter pack but with greater efficiency in the functioning and higher limits.
  • Now, you can use native forms to contain smart fields, dependent fields, progressive profiling, CSS customization and much more.
  • You are allowed to unlock email automation, A/B testing, workflows and smart content features in this plan.
  • There is a sending limit of 10 times in this plan than the contact limit of your account.
#3. Enterprise
  • The enterprise tier of HubSpot starts at $3200 per month and offers the maximum functionality of email marketing on HubSpot.
  • This plan comes with marketing automation workflows, CAN-SPAM footers, custom event triggers, A/B testing and customer event segmentation. The limit for sending is just the same as in the professional plan.


HubSpot is a leading marketing tool in terms of advanced features as well as ease of use. Its unique and most relevant features make this tool suitable for making your marketing strategies better.

This article will talk about the different features, plans, and everything you need to know about HubSpot.

Features and Functionality in HubSpot

There is every standard feature in HubSpot, which you would expect from a good email marketing tool. These standard features include one-click reports, built-in templates and contact lists. There are other additional features like pop-ups, automation workflows and dynamic content in this software. Some important functions found in HubSpot are:

#1. Native Forms
  • To any webpage which you are tracking, you can add a native form to it.
  • Also, you are allowed to implement custom CSS, progressive profiling, dependent fields, smart fields, custom domain blocking and much more.
#2. Visual Automation Workflows
  • Some people find email automation a bit difficult to manage.
  • But HubSpot offers a visual automation builder that will make you understand how all the elements interact.
  • You can create and send simple follow-up emails for your customers or create complete lifecycle emails that take your customer to every stage of their buying journey.
#3. A/B Testing
  • Testing plays a significant role in the creation of anything.
  • So, HubSpot provides this feature of A/B testing by which you can set up and test the hypothesis.
  • It helps you in improving metrics if you find any issue.
  • You can try everything, including calls to action, subject lines, formatting, email content and so on until you get entirely sure of your email.
#4. Best Drag and Drop Editor
  • Almost all the email marketing tools have drag and drop editor.
  • But they do not fulfil their promise of such ease.
  • However, HubSpot offers a true drag and drop editor.
  • You can simply drag the blocks you need to your email and customize them until you get the suitable design.


  • HubSpot has a number of templates on its website, which you can upload to this email marketing platform.
  • They are so many that it becomes tough for us to tell the exact number.
  • You can easily get templates for emails, sales, newsletters, blogging, PR and co-marketing.
  • HubSpot keeps updating these templates from time to time, and the best thing is that you can customize them as per your requirements.
  • It may be a bit difficult for the newbies to customize, but when you get used to it, you will be a pro in customizing these templates.

Ease of Use

  • HubSpot is an easy way to do email marketing and is preferred by both marketers and non-marketers.
  • The app is absolutely easy to use, intuitive, and help section also to cop-up with things you don’t understand.
  • To make the work even more manageable, HubSpot provides constant suggestions while you are working. This way, it becomes convenient for you.

Customer Support

  • HubSpot knows that supporting the customers well in the hard times will keep them on the platform for longer-terms.
  • So, HubSpot has a significantly nice support system.
  • It offers a blog having all the things needed for you to become a good marketer.
  • You can also rely on video tutorials, FAQs and 24*7 phone support.

To Sum Up

HubSpot has become a master tool for email marketing. Even the newbies work like professionals while using this tool. It happens because of the ease of using this software.

  • The personalized emails and time-to-time delivery makes you closer to enhance the conversion rate of your subscribers.
  • This email marketing software has all the necessary features needed to create newsletters, emails, run campaigns, etc.
  • Looking at the features and functions, we can’t deny that it is expensive.
  • It is a factor that makes some perspectives think again about whether to opt for HubSpot or not.
  • But For huge businesses, it would be a decision to make their marketing and business reach greater heights.